Happy Hour Rum & Coke

Happy Hour Rum & Coke

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Happy Hour starts now!  This pendant is one of many drinks I serve and happens to be a Rum & Coke on the rocks w/lime.  The stones are semi-precious garnet and the ring is cut from an upcycled Coke bottle and then fired down in a kiln.  The ice is square Swarovski crystals and the lime is peridot.

The sterling silver ball chain it comes on is a generous 26" therefore can be cut down to your desired length.

Let me be your bartender of fashion and pour you whatever your taste may be.  Each pendant can be custom made therefore there is no limit to your imaginative taste.

All the bottles I use come from sources which do not recycle therefore they are one less bottle in the landfill.  By purchasing and upcycled bottle pendant necklace, it's a chance for you to look good while doing something great.